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When I found this awesome tufted ottoman idea by Yoduvh Essentials, on YouTube, I was so blown away by this ingenious furniture design idea! This ottoman project is one of the most awesome furniture transformation ideas I have ever seen. Imagine the feeling of sheer accomplishment, when you take an ancient plain spindly looking stool and turn it into a trendy piece of tufted furniture. These ideas for glam decor made from everyday unattractive items are just endless with Yoduvh, she literally has tons of projects to make any living space look luxurious and glam, even if you are on a very limited budget.

Materials For Tuffeted Ottoman:

  • Old iron stool (or whatever stool you may have on hand will work)
  • 2 x 4 flexible particleboard
  • 1-inch foam (you can find this at JoAnn’s, be sure and use your discount coupons found on the app)
  • 3 to 6 yards of fabric (of your choice)
  • Crystal buttons (from Walmart or JoAnn’s)
  • A staple gun
  • Pins


In this awesome tufted ottoman idea by Yoduvh Essentials, on YouTube, you will learn to make this lovely tufted ottoman in a few simple steps. You begin by wrapping your ancient stool in a piece of flexible particle board and foam.

Easy DIY Ottoman - DIY Tufted Furniture - DIY Glam Living Room Ideas
Image By: Yoduvh Essentials Via YouTube

Then, you will use a piece of round plywood to make the top of the ottoman, using the same technique you used on the stool.

How To Make A Tufted Ottoman - Tufted Vanity Stool - Tufted Ottoman Storage Stool
Image By: Yoduvh Essentials Via YouTube

Tufting really isn’t that difficult when you obtain to cognize the method.

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