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They’re fresh, timeless, oozing charm, and match a ton of styles. Put a natural fiber headboard in your life!


Stylish Natural Fiber Headboards to Dress Up Your Bedroom


Bamboo is one of the most resistant fibers that exist and, on top of that, it absorbs moisture. Come on, as a headboard, it couldn’t be more fantastic. On the other hand, its versatility allows it to adopt multiple designs, conceiving original headboards, like the one in the photo, great for mixing with fabrics such as linen or cotton.

As for its care, we recommend that you remove the dust daily with a cloth and a brush for the most difficult areas, such as small holes or crevices.


Another of the natural fibers par excellence is esparto. Yes, the same one you wear in espadrilles and summer shoes. In case you didn’t cognize, it comes from different wild plants, and its use contributes to promoting a more sustainable world.

But leaving its benefits aside, have you seen how lovely it is as a headboard? Braided in herringbone, in the image it is accompanied by a linen quilt to match the sheets and cushions in shades of pink and powdery green, and a stool-style wooden bedside table, decorated with flowers and a mini lamp with wicker shade.

This headboard made 100% by hand, has a rattan trunk structure with a natural terminate, and braided rattan in the central part. But what fascinates us the most is, without a doubt, its original design.

If you like braided finishes, you will love this headboard made with cotton rope in design with straight lines. The solid natural acacia wood structure is tinted black, accentuating the contrast with the light tone of the rope in the corners. The top mural for your bedroom!

Handcrafted with wicker cane, this oval-shaped headboard from La Redoute may be the piece you’ve been looking for to add a chic touch to your room. As it is framed in a black structure, its lattice design will become the focus of all eyes. Do you already cognize how you are going to decorate the wall?

Doesn’t the shape of this rattan headboard resemble the tail of a peacock? Be that as it may, what we can assure you is that it is a piece that gives off equal parts naturalness and exoticism, ideal for all types of bedrooms.

This one is a reinvention of the classic style in this headboard with an ash structure and rattan trellis in a lovely honey color.


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