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Rather, with cabinets up to the ceiling in one corner and the rest without upper cabinets.

The truth is that the effect is lovely, nothing heavy in the area of ​​high furniture that makes you lose the balance of the whole.

As the furniture is next to the window and has that natural color, it almost camouflages itself against the wall, without creating a great deal of stress and is great for hiding the refrigerator, but also to make up for the lack of storage as it does not have superior furniture in the other side.

And, we like everything about this kitchen! It is worth that it is not open to the living room that is still our favorite distribution, but if it is to be almost closed like this, let it be with that lovely natural lighting, that lovely beige furniture, that stone counter, the dining room with table and chairs design and of course with that solid wood herringbone floor, pre-cio-sa!

Working there for dessert or having a coffee in the afternoon sounds pretty good, not like some of our kitchens so closed, with small natural light and furniture.. well, boring, to say the least.

The entire apartment is 58 m² in size and decoratively follows the same style as the kitchen, neutral colors with very few dark contrasts and light furniture, giving prominence to the lovely light and finishes.

Kitchen With Cabinets up to the Ceiling









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