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Large quilts can seem like a lot of work and you may think you need a large industrial machine to sew one, but with a few simple tips, the troubled waters will be a lot easier to navigate. I have a small domestic machine so I was all ears when I found this large quilt troubleshooting video tutorial by American Patchwork and quilting, on YouTube.One of the first tips is that if you have a 60-inch quilt, always remember the middle of the quilt is only 30 inches away, not 60 inches away, so don’t obtain discouraged. That may sound like a small thing, but attitude and self-confidence are everything!

The second fabulous tip that will help you administer your large quilting project is to roll your quilt up from the edge as you are working in the middle. You want to work from the middle outward, this will really smooth your workflow across the total project.

Tips For A Large Quilt Project - How To Sew A Quilt - Quilting Ideas
Image By: American Patchwork And Quilting Via YouTube

One of the other cool tips is to make sure you flip up the sides of the quilt and don’t level any part of the quilt hanging over the table. You always want to push the quilt to the front of you, even if you have to stop and rotate the quilt, you do not want it sitting in your lap because that can cause your work to obtain crooked.

Sewing Tips - Quilting Tips - Easyb Quilt Ideas
Image By: American Patchwork And Quilting Via YouTube

These quilting tips were so helpful to me, be sure, and watch the whole video to hear all of these fabulous tips.

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