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Refresh your furniture with a coat of paint and forget about throwing it away. They can become the star piece of your home. The nostalgic ones are back in full color!

Pickled furniture, like this dresser, has a soul. Decorate them with pieces of the same color range and you will create a corner with a lot of presence.


How to Restore Vintage Furniture With Paint


In the heritage, console converted into a sink and in the terminate of the concrete walls.



Painted chest of drawers, linen curtains, and bedding.

A background tone and another on top. The first is scratched and the result is this: a low wardrobe with very decorative wear.

Wallpaper seems to hit the cabinets with delicate touches of decorative paint.

White gives light. This antique wardrobe, which was originally made of dark wood, with one coat of white, gained lightness and much more feminine air.

Why not paint a chest of drawers in different colors? You will make it much more original.

The area chairs take us to the field. If you paint them in a striking color, you will give them a less rustic and more boho-chic touch.


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