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If you don’t dare wallpaper the entire dining room or even just one wall, why not try vinyl? It may be a small detail, but enough to spark your dining room. Also, if you obtain tired, they are very simple to remove.


Thanks to the blackboard effect paints, you can have a blackboard to your liking to write from the menu of every day to your favorite recipe. Isn’t it a great idea to decorate the office walls? If there are kids at home, it will surely be their favorite corner. In addition, you no longer have to restrict yourself to the traditional black color, but slate-effect paints are available in a wide range of colors, including white.


We have already mentioned how decorative (and practical) it is for a groove or covering the wall with wooden slats. But what if the wood was a work of art? There are firms -like Listone Giordano- that propose wall coverings in engraved wood. These are slats that can be personalized with designs and motifs.

Now, the time has arrive to show off your dining room! These ideas to decorating your walls will transform this environment into a personal and unique space.


How to Properly Decorate the Dining Room Wall


If the dining room wall has a window and the views are worth it, there is no better decoration than integrating them into the environment. Without curtains, with a window that frames the exterior; as it has been done in this bucolic and natural space.

A lovely storage unit – sideboard, cupboard, showcase, cupboard… – is a way to decorate the dining room wall with grace and a strong functional sense. A decorative piece is enough for the wall to transform and, in addition, it will be the ideal complement to store utensils.

What do you think of this idea to decorate the dining room wall? It is about combining several mirrors of retro or vintage design. You can apply this attractive resource both when the dining room is decorated in the same style or in a more modern line to find a focus of attention. In addition, mirrors always multiply the brightness of the environment.

It is an original and very personal way of decorating the dining room. Here we have chosen frames of different sizes, measurements, and shapes that arrive from antique dealers. To obtain the composition right, cut out the sizes of the frames on paper, and play with them until you find the position for each one that top fits.


This option decorates, protects, and helps to visually delimit the dining room space because changing the cladding marks. Here, in addition, it has been painted in a deep blue, which contrasts with the white of the living room. A trick: vertical slats visually stretch the walls, while horizontal ones widen it.

A simple idea to decorate the dining room wall is to use the color. It is enough to paint the dining room in a different shade than the rest of the room for the wall to be decorated. Here, we have opted for a chocolate shade that contrasts with the white stain.

It is a great option to decorate the dining room wall. On the one hand, you enrich the interior design and, on the other, you protect the wall from rubbing and from possible blows with the chairs. You can design it plain or with panels. Moldings are all the rage, so take a look at Orac Decor, for example, and obtain inspired.

If you have many decorative objects, plan shelves where you can display them, as has been done here. We already proposed a custom bookcase at the beginning of this article. This solution is cheaper (supports and shelves) and you can apply it to any wall. Empty the souvenir cabinets and incorporate them into the decoration.

Do you want to give texture to the walls of the dining room? Bet on a decorative painting technique and you will see how the walls of your dining room transform. Here, the most elegant marble effect has been chosen.


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