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I have a small decorative Autumn tree in my entryway, and I really needed something to clip onto the branches to add some Fall seasonal flair. I searched and searched, then finally found this awesome pom-pom baby owl video tutorial by Mei Crafts, on YouTube, and I knew this idea was going to be great for my small decorative tree. These small pom-pom owls are darling, and I have so much leftover yarn in my craft room, I could make them all day long. The instructions are so simple and simple to follow for this project, if you can make a pom-pom, you have got this!

Materials For Pom-Pom Owls:

  • Yarn (in the colors of your choice)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Wiggley eyes
  • Fabric glue (Fabritac or Liquid Stitch are good)
  • Felt (for the baby owl’s wings, feet, and beak)
  • you can also use a hot glue gun


In this awesome pom-pom baby owl video tutorial by Mei Crafts, on YouTube, you will learn how to make these super simple pom-pom animals in a few simple steps. You begin by making your pom-pom, then gluing on the googly eyes. Then you will cut out the baby owl’s wings, beak, and feet and glue them on with fabric glue or a hot glue gun.

Yarn Animal Ideas - DIY Owl - Yarn Crafts
Image By: Mei Crafts Via YouTube

Then, you can place these cute owls anywhere in your house. 

Yarn Crafted Owls - DIY Small Animals - Tree Decorations
Image By: Mei Crafts Via YouTube

These small yarn baby owls are so adorable on my entryway tree, I decided to make some more in a Christmas theme.

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