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More than an artistic trend or a trend, minimalism is a philosophy of life. If your muse is Marie Kondo and you want to decorate your house with the basics, we help you stay by the stay.


How to Bring Less is More to Your Home


Surely you cognize the meaning of minimalist: learn to live with the essential and eliminate the superfluous. If you apply this concept in your home, a minimalist decoration would be one that is reduced to the minimum, to what is truly important. For example, in a minimalist bedroom, the focus should be on the bed and everything else is secondary. The ideal would be to do without bedside tables or, if you have them, select light and simple models that do not attract attention, like the ones in the image.

In the living room, forget about shelves crammed with books and decorative objects that once were important but today no longer provide you with anything. Invest in a good sofa or armchairs – depending on your needs -, a side table and small else. This living room in the image is accompanied by a simply closed fireplace, which makes the room warmer and more welcoming, and a television fixed to the wall, ideal to have more space. Are you already starting to see the advantages of the minimalist style? Having fewer things means more order and less cleaning time. A time that you can dedicate to yourself.

In minimalist interiors the presence of light is important. To capture it during the day, opt for light colors on walls and furniture. In terms of ambient lighting, select spotlights on the ceiling, led strips, or wall sconces, capable of achieving the ideal atmosphere. This living room, open to the terrace and the kitchen —thanks to a glass wall— shines with light. Try to reduce the decorative elements to a minimum.

If you want to practice minimalism at home, commence by doing it in the hall: no consoles, no umbrella stands, no XL coat racks … Go for austere designs that are practical and decorative, such as a simple wall shelf that allows you to abandon your keys and the mobile when you obtain home. In the image, this solution has been chosen to which a workbench has been added to take off their shoes with a storage area included. What does it transmit calm too?

As it is about eliminating unnecessary furniture, an excellent solution is to opt for versatile furniture that performs different functions. For example, place in the bedroom a bench with interior storage that acts as a seat, support surface, and mini wardrobe, or a headboard, like the one in the image, that serves as a shelf, bedside table, and bookcase. The minimalist style is nourished by multifunctional furniture.

Hygiene and order in the bathroom is the first step in creating a minimalist environment. Many of them are projected in white. Does that mean that no other color can be used? Nooooo! You can use cream, blue, and light green tones that give the same feeling without falling into an aseptic environment. Flown furniture, freestanding sinks, and built-in faucets will help you in the process. Try to clear the counter of the boat sink and objects that only generate dust and dirt.

Although in minimalist designs straight lines tend to predominate, if you introduce a rounded design you will give dynamism to the environment. This is what has been done here with the countertop sinks and the freestanding bathtub, creating an ideal space for relaxation. Use transparent jars and containers that favor the circulation of light. Put some candles on the floor, instrumental music and the feeling of peace will be total.


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