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This is a great quilting video tutorial by Jordan Fabrics, on YouTube, that takes you through the not so glamorous, but very important part of quilting. This video guides us step by step through the quilt backing, binding, and border making process. The expert instructions that Donna Jordan provides here are so valuable and each one is worth its weight in gold. Make no mistake these are not the only ways to terminate quilts, these are just simple ways that quilting star, Donna Jordan, uses a lot.

Materials For Quilt Finishing:

  • Contrasting or matching fabrics (for binding, borders, and backing)
  • Batting (according to the size of your quilt top)
  • A cutting mat
  • A pair of scissors
  • A rotary cutter
  • An iron
  • A sewing machine


In this great quilting video tutorial by Jordan Fabrics, on YouTube, you will learn how to terminate any kind of quilt top. Once your quilt top is finished the first thing you will add are the borders. The borders described in this video tutorial can be used with any quilt top and is simple to execute. 

How To Finish A Quilt - Make An Easy Quilt Backing - DIY Easy Quilting
Image By: Jordan Fabrics Via YouTube

Then you will learn how to make the binding that goes alongside the quilt. Donna’s teaching methods are so simple t follow this quilt finishing technique will be simple for any beginning quilter.

How To make A Quilt Binding - Quilting With Donna Jordan - Learn To Make An Easy Quilt
Image By: Jordan Fabrics Via YouTube

These methods are all fabulous, I am so happy I found this awesome video. Donna Jordan is my favorite quilting instructor on YouTube!

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