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Homemade vanilla extract is easier than it seems, and buying it at the store can obtain expensive over time. If you’re someone who likes to bake a lot, it’s simple to go through many bottles of them. So, this recipe is great for those that love to bake or knows someone that bakes a lot. This would make a great holiday gift idea because there is a lot of baking to do. SuburbanHomesteaderWY tutorial on YouTube shows how simple it is to make homemade vanilla extract. I think it is interesting that she uses alcohol to make this, but there is a way to make this without using alcohol too. I love how she talks about the two different versions of how to make the vanilla extract.


  • any type of liquor, (rum, vodka, etc) optional
  • nonalcoholic vanilla for cooking ( if not using alcohol)
  • Madagascar vanilla beans
  • parchment paper, optional


First, cut the vanilla beans in half and take your knife to slice right open in the vanilla bean from the top down. Place 5 of each vanilla beans in the mason jar. Continue to watch SuburbanHomesteaderWY tutorial on YouTube for further instructions and details.

Use Madagascar Vanilla Bean to Make Vanilla Extract - Baking Recipes - Condiments Recipes
Image by SuburbanHomesteaderWY via YouTube

Next, fill up the whole jar with whatever alcohol you select whether it is vodka or rum. Repeat this until all mason jars are filled. Cut out a square piece of parchment paper and place it on top before closing the jar.

How To Make Vanilla Extract - Homemade From Scratch - Best Vanilla Recipes
Image by SuburbanHomesteaderWY via YouTube

Overall, I would make homemade vanilla extract because I bake a lot. This would be very convenient and helpful in the long run. Plus, it would save so much money, and the ingredients to make this is not expensive at all. Vanilla extract can last a long time, so it would be simple to make this in bulk.

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