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The combination of the brown sofa in a living room is a classic. Despite this, there are more and more modern and elegant applications for your use. The neutral color tones are the most chosen for the furniture and it is indispensable in different environments. But what is the top way to combine the brown sofa? What are the material variations? What types of pillows to use? We separated in the post the top references below.

Gorgeous Living Room With Brown Sofa


Colors That Match Brown

Some colors are more ideal to match the sofa’s brown tones. A more neutral or warmer color can be used. Orange is a striking option to contrast with brown, as well as red. Turquoise blue gives a more balanced appearance between colors. White can be used on the walls and light wood tones can be used to increase contrast and maintain a clean environment.

In some cases, the color green or pink can be combined with some decorative objects and ornaments.

Brown Sofa Models

This furniture can be made of different materials and have different formats. We have selected different applications of upholstered sofas in brown color for you to be inspired:












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