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I have started some serious gardening around my house and it is working out extremely well. When I say around my house, I really mean it because I do not have a proper yard, but I did not let that fact hinder me from having the garden of my dreams. I have made garden beds along the front path and on the sides of the house, and those spots are really working out well. I recently found a video tutorial by Mlgardener on YouTube that described how to grow modern blueberry plants from ordinary blueberries that you but at the supermarket. I was so excited to learn all this valuable information because I love to save money and it is kind to obtain the kind of blueberries that I cognize are certified organic.

Materials For Blueberry Plants:

  • Some ancient blueberries
  • Some paper towels
  • A small bit of water
  • A plastic ziplock bag


In this video tutorial by Mlgardener on YouTube, you will learn how to harvest the seeds from blueberries that have gone a bit wrinkly and stale in the refrigerator. There are only a few simple guidelines to follow. The blueberries have to be from the United States because if the blueberries arrive from another country, they will almost certainly be radiated, which sterilizes the seeds and they won’t sprout.

Put Blueberries In A Blender To Harvest Seeds To Make More Plants
Image By: Mlgardener Via YouTube

Then strain the water and juice off of the blended blueberries and store the seeds in a ziplock bag, with wet paper towels.

Put Seeds In Plastic Bags To Grow More Blueberry PLants
Image By: Mlgardener Via YouTube

This is such a great idea, I can’t wait to try it!

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