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Donna Jordan is so astonishing, I just love her designs and her beads quilt is one of her top. Donna designed this quilt all by herself and it is astonishing as usual. When I found this beads quilt video tutorial by Jordan Fabrics, on YouTube, I knew I had to make it. Donna includes a free pattern in this quilt tutorial that will help guide you every inch of the way through this astonishing project, and the pattern is written so efficiently, you can use fat quarters or fat eighths. This quilt is really simple to make and is a great project for beginners or a super fast project for an experienced quilter.

Materials For The beads Quilt:

  • Download free pattern here
  • Fabric according to instructions on the pattern (fat quarters or fat eighths)
  • Thread
  • A sewing machine
  • A rotary cutter
  • A cutting mat
  • A pair of scissors
  • An iron
  • An ironing board


In this beads quilt video tutorial by Jordan Fabrics, on YouTube, you will learn how to make this astonishing quilt idea with the help of the quilting aficionado Donna Jordan. You begin by making your very simple blocks.

Easy Quilt Block Ideas - Beginners Quilt Pattern - Quick Quilt Pattern
Image By: Jordan Fabrics Via YouTube

Then, you will fit all your fantastic blocks together and the quit will begin to take shape before your very eyes.

Simple Quilt Ideas - Free Quilt Pattern - Donna Jordan Quilt Design
Image By: Jordan Fabrics Via YouTube

I just love this quilt pattern, it is so simple and fun to make, and it will brighten up any room decor.

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