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Mercury glass is one of my favorite vintage items, and it is very pricy. I never in a million years realized you could make mercury glass at home until I saw this awesome mercury glass effect on a foam pumpkin video tutorial by Vanessa Vendetti, on YouTube. In this video, this foam pumpkin fro Dollar Tree is turned into a fabulous mercury glass ornament to decorate any empty counter space or shelf in your home.

Materials For Foam Pumpkin Mercury Glass Transformation:

  • 1 foam pumpkin (from Dollar Tree)
  • White chalk paint
  • Grey craft paint
  • Rustoleum metallic silver paint
  • Water


In this mercury glass effect on a foam pumpkin video tutorial by Vanessa Vendetti, on YouTube, you will learn to make this awesome mercury glass effect. You begin by priming your pumpkin with white chalk paint and let dry. Then you paint the pumpkin with grey craft paint, and let dry.

Fall Home Decor - Dollar Tree DIY - Pumpkin Decor

Image By: Vanessa Vendetti Via YouTube

Then you will spray the whole pumpkin with water, then you spray it with the metallic Rustoleum, while the water is still in droplets.

Fall DIY Decor - Dollar Tree Home Decor DIY - DIY Mirrored Pumpkin
Image By: Vanessa Vendetti Via YouTube

This mercury glass pumpkin idea looks so astonishing anywhere you put it in your home. It was really simple to make and looks really professional. My top friend came over and went wild over it, I tried to tell her that I made it, and she would not believe me. I finally had to show her this video tutorial to make her really believe that I made it.

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