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I love to call the Fall season “the winds of commute”, and I welcome all those cool winds and lovely changes with open arms. I have been searching the internet for Fall decor ideas for the past month and there are so many cool and inexpensive ideas, it is difficult to decide which ones to actually make. I found this Dollar Tree leaf tree video tutorial by Measure & Mix, on YouTube, and I knew this project was going to look great in my living room. I got over to Dollar Tree and gathered my materials as soon as I saw it. The thing I love the most about this leaf tree is that it gives a really neat textural dimension to the room.

Materials For Dollar Tree Fall Leaf Tree:

  • Posterboard (to make the cone, which is the tree base)
  • 3 bags of leaves (you can use all different colors or pint them)
  • Chalk paint (optional)
  • A glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • A pair of scissors


In this Dollar Tree leaf tree video tutorial by Measure & Mix, on YouTube, you will learn how to make this stunning Fall decor idea. You commence by making a cone base for the tree using your poster board and a glue gun.

Fall Decorating On A Budget - Cheap Dollar Tree DIY - Autumn Leaf Tree
Image By: Measure & Mix Via YouTube

Then, just glue your leaves on using your trusty hot glue gun.

Glue Gun Fall Decor Ideas - DIY Autumn Ideas For The Home - Leaf Decor For Fall
Image By: Measure & Mix Via YouTube

This leaf tree is fantastic in the living room, it is tall and majestic and really looks astonishing!

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