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This DIY snow globe Jody’s Craft Room tutorial on YouTube is an simple and fun Dollar Tree project to work on and obtain alert for Christmas time. It’s a creative idea and such a great decor to have around the house for the holiday spirit. This would be a great project to make during the holidays with your kids, and to give as a gift. It’s an inexpensive project, because you can buy most of the items at the Dollar Tree store. I try to be on a budget at times so I can save money for many other decor items, so this is a great project.


  • Dollar Tree water globes
  • Dollar Tree Christmas plastic figures
  • Dollar Tree Christmas ribbon trims
  • glitter
  • plumbers tape
  • vegetable glycerin, optional (makes water thicker)
  • hot glue gun
  • sandpaper


First, use sandpaper to sand down the lid of the Dollar Tree water globes. This will help let the plastic figures stick on there. Depending how many plastic figures you would like to put in your globe, trim down the base so they can all fit on the lid. The, use the hot glue gun to glue down the plastic figures.

How To Make Snow Globe - DIY Christmas Decor
Image by Jody’s Craft Room via YouTube

Next, continue to watch Jody’s Craft Room tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details. Mix vegetable glycerin and water together.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - Dollar Tree Crafts
Image by Jody’s Craft Room via YouTube

Overall, I’ve always wondered what’s it like to make a snow globe, because they’re always so cute and festive. I knew it was an simple project to work on, but I never had the time to make them. I think I’m going to conclude this in my Christmas party so all of my friends and I can create their own snow globe. This is a great way to do crafts and bond with friends. It would be a kind addition to go along with gingerbread houses.

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