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If you have bottles or jars around, turn them into stained art with lights. Dory Diary on YouTube show with just 3 supplies, you can make this project easily. Plus, I love how there are different colors on this stained bottle because the lights look astonishing when it’s lit up bouncing off the colors. This can be a great gift to make someone, and it’s an inexpensive project. I want to try this out on mason jars because I have so many of them and they would look so cute and decorative. However, wine bottles create a sophisticated look. Staining glass is a straightforward process, so you can create this DIY with your kids too. You can create many of these stained bottle art with all different shapes and sizes. This is a great DIY craft to be creative and express yourself. For some reason, this reminds me of the Rainbow Fish book because of the bright and vibrant colors on the glass.


  • Stain glass paint  
  • Glass Paint Outlier
  • LED Bottle Cork Lights  for decoration


First, use the glass paint outlier and create shapes all around the bottle. Continue to watch Dory Diary tutorial on YouTube to watch the different shapes that are being drawn onto the bottles.

Use Glass Paint Outlier to Make Bottled Art - Stained Bottle Crafts
Image by Dory Diary via YouTube

Next, alternate and use different stain glass paint colors to create a colorful bottle. This would help create some dimension instead of painting the bottle one solid color. Then add in the LED bottle cork lights for decoration.

How To Make Stained Bottled Art With Lights - DIY Glass Art - Stained Bottled Art
Image by Dory Diary via YouTube

Overall, I think this is a cool project to do because it’s simple and simple. You can easily light up the corners of a room with this stained bottle glass. Also, there’s not much to say about this DIY because it’s so simple and doesn’t take a long time to make either.

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