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These DIY 3D floral numbers and letters Mass Art and Craft on YouTube are so creative for a birthday party or anniversary decor. They are inexpensive and fun to make because there are many ways to make them. After watching this video, you can use any materials you like, just outline the number or letters on cardboard so it’s sturdy. You can make one using crepe paper, glitter paper, and more. The life-size signs are ideal and are fast to make depending on what materials you decide to use. I have so many ideas in mind because you can be super creative making these numbers and signs. They’re great for any occasion, and it would save you money on expensive decor. Every technique in this tutorial is simple to follow along with, and it makes me want to practice how to make all of them.


  • cardboard
  • crepe paper
  • wooden pencil
  • decorative paper (construction paper, glitter, designs…etc)
  • scissors
  • decorative buttons, beads, etc
  • glue


First, in this tutorial, they use crepe paper for one of the numbers. Take a wooden pencil, use the eraser side, and wrap the crepe paper while twisting.

Use Crepe Paper for Floral Numbers - Party Numbers Ideas - Easy Party Decor
Image by Mass Art and Craft via YouTube

Next, dip the end of the paper with glue and glue it onto the cardboard number or letter. Continue to watch Mass Art and Craft tutorial on YouTube for other 3D floral numbers and letters ideas.

DIY 3D Floral Numbers for Party - DIY Crepe Paper Crafts - 3D Floral Letters
Image by Mass Art and Craft via YouTube

I’ve always wondered how to make these 3D floral letters and numbers because they look great for party decorations. They’re simple and inexpensive to make, but it’s a great way to personalize them to be special. Personally, I love small pom-poms that look like cotton balls to add texture to my project, and I love the crepe paper with pencil technique too.

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