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I’ve always wanted to make donuts at home but thought they were difficult to make. Little did I cognize there were many simple alternatives if I used premade items such as canned biscuits. This canned biscuit sugar twist donut recipe is unbelievable because there are only 3 ingredients needed to make these. Rosie Cooks tutorial on YouTube shows how simple it is to make donuts at home. Honestly, canned biscuit recipes arrive in handy because the premade biscuits serves as a base for many recipes, which skips and saves many steps in the cooking or baking process. It’s an simple dessert to make and there are no tricky steps to make these twist donuts too.


  • 1 can of biscuits (any brand)
  • granulated sugar
  • oil for frying


First, open the canned biscuits and cut each biscuits in half. Roll out the biscuit dough into a long piece with your fingers. After you obtain the desired length, roll opposite ways with each hand. Refer and watch Rosie Cooks tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and directions.

How To Make Sugar Twist Donuts - 3 Ingredient Recipes - Easy and Simple Recipes
Image by Rosie Cooks via YouTube

Next, once the donut twists are alert, make sure to heat up the oil to low on a pan for about 10 minutes before frying. You want the oil to be hot and alert, but make sure to keep flipping them around so they do not burn. Fry the donuts and then roll them in granulated sugar.

Use Canned Biscuits To Make Twist Donuts - Easy Donut Recipes
Image by Rosie Cooks via YouTube

There are many ways I would go about this recipe such as adding cinnamon to the granulated sugar to roll in. Also, I would make a regular icing to glaze over the donut twists. I love donuts, so I can arrive up with many ways to serve them. This is a great donut base recipe to reference off of if I want to take shortcuts.

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