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With spectacular views of the sea, open to the garden, or the pool, your living room is waiting for you to add white, fiber, and some marine detail. Here are our favorites, alert to copy!

If your living room faces the garden, open the access doors wide so that the coolness seeps inside. This immaculate white living room makes you want to lie down and enjoy its relaxed atmosphere.

The stone walls tell us that this room is well insulated from the heat. And to emphasize it, he dressed in white with a generous fiber carpet, plants, and iron carpentry in its enclosures from where you can see the outside garden.

You don’t even need to go outside, just by opening the glass doors of this room, its owners have a direct connection to the garden and the sea. The cheerful bougainvillea climbs the façade, giving good shade to an interior where life unfolds at a different pace.

Once again the stone walls and the presence of plants give us back a hyper fresh room. The top experts take care of the cozy and bright atmosphere: white, fiber, and wood furniture.


8 Spectacular Summer Rooms (Part I)


Can there be a room with an indoor pool? We think so! Proof of this is this impressive open plan living room with glass sliders that take you directly to the water. Its owner is the owner of the online store Borondo Beanbags. The Greek lime cement flooring runs throughout the house, providing it with continuity.


The garden and the living room of this house are interconnected, you just have to raise the blinds and it seems that you are outside! Its owner has decorated it in white and wood, with easy furniture and in a very natural way giving it a very summery minimalist touch.

This room, initially small and dark, gained meters and light thanks to the demolition of partitions and the widening of the access door to the terrace. Now both spaces communicate better and are used to the maximum in summer even if they are at different levels.


This living room, with a continuous L-shaped bench, recalls the style of Moroccan living rooms. In the middle, large poufs were placed that serves both as an auxiliary table and as a footrest to stretch the legs and on one side a lovely chandelier. A bladed fan adds extra coolness to natural air circulation, and blue and green textiles help too.


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