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You have always dreamed of having a enormous outdoor space where you can have a snack outdoors, sunbathe, or have dinners by candlelight. And why does it have to be so enormous to be able to do all these things? If you have a terrace, no matter how small or narrow it is, you already have half the wish granted. The other half will depend on how well you cognize how to take advantage of your few meters.

A custom bench in a corner will serve to clear the central area and that there is space to place a small table (or perhaps a stool on which to also rest things). Use the most unsuspected corners to invent drawers in which to collect the cushions and that will not be spoiled by being left out in the open. And hang the plant pots on the walls so they don’t obtain in the way. What’s more, stop scattered pots and jump into creating a fabulous vertical garden.

Just because your terrace is mini doesn’t mean it can’t be your outdoor paradise. Take advantage of these pieces and stop saying that “well, it is too small” to justify having something forgotten. Resurrect it this season!

The angles of the terraces seem to cry out for a custom bench. It will clear the central space and there will be more space to place the table.

What is not enough distance of passage? It doesn’t matter, we don’t want to go for a walk, just sit outside.

If you prefer the outdoor seats with backrest, take advantage and buy one that has the built-in planters, this way you will kill two birds with one stone and save space.

You will need a place to store the cushions and other textiles so you do not walk with them from the inside to the outside daily. If the sofa is built, do not forget to abandon lower holes in which to put drawers.

If you select to put them on the ground, first make sure to pave the ground properly, such as on the terrace of this floor renovated by the architect Antonio Cortines, where a wooden floor made with recycled train sleepers has been installed.

This will avoid them from cluttering the floor in the passage areas. Line the railing with wood and hang several different colors on the seats.


7 Essential Pieces for Small Terraces


They are used to make the most of the outdoor spaces at height. Hang or install one on the side of your terrace and you will have much more ‘land’ in which to plant your flowers, plants, or aromatic herbs.


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