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Wreaths are popular no matter what season it is. Southern Charm Wreaths has a ton of tutorials on YouTube on how to easily make a wreath. In this Fall wreath tutorial, she shows how it only takes 6 minutes to create one. It’s really simple to make one, and it can be very inexpensive. There’s no need to buy expensive items to make this wreath, and most supplies can be found at the dollar store. This wreath is fast because of the pre-made items that are used in this tutorial. It’s easier to buy pre-made flower sprays, flowers, and bows. Although there are so many tutorials out there on how to make a great wreath, this is one of my favorites because it’s time-efficient.


  • 16-inch wide wreath
  • zip ties
  • hot glue
  • sunflowers or any flowers
  • decorative sprays
  • ribbons or bows


First, use a zip tie to tie one of the flower arrangements onto the wreath. Trim off any of the excess sticks. Take the other piece, shape it out, and continue to zip-tie items throughout the wreath.

How To Make Fall Wreath - Southern Charm Wreaths
Image by Southern Charm Wreaths via YouTube

Next, continue to watch the Southern Charm Wreaths tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details on how to make this fall wreath.

Use Zip Ties To Strap Sprays Onto Wreath - Easy Fall Wreath Tutorials
Image by Southern Charm Wreaths via YouTube

All it takes for this DIY is zip-tying and hot gluing flowers onto the wreath form piece. This is such a fast way to create a wreath without having to do much. This excites me to make all kinds of wreaths no matter what season it is. I didn’t realize using premade items and supplies would work. I think it’s a creative way to save money to make your own at home. Also, Fall is one of my favorite seasons when it comes to decorations.

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