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If you want to fill the interior of your house with plants but you are a novice in the field or not constant in its care, these indoor plants are your top allies. They will also take care of your health and your home!

Easy to care for and highly decorative, ferns are in fashion. They are very resistant and do not require much maintenance. Ideally, place them in a partially shaded place – without direct sun. They like humidity, although excessive watering can cause root rot (you will also see the leaves turn yellow). To provide it, place it on a plate with pebbles and water, so that it is benefited by its evaporation. Spraying it also helps. These are all the care a fern needs.


6 Hardy and Easy to Maintain Indoor Plants


Super resistant and very undemanding. This plant is the solution for those who do not have a hand with gardening. It is characteristic for its thick, glossy green leaves and dark green stems. It can survive several months without watering, although if it receives a lot of light it will need more frequent watering. Of course, it is better to go by default than by excess, since it does not tolerate waterlogging. Being a tropical plant, it is great for indoors.

Characteristic of being very resistant and durable, the African violet (Saintpaulia) is also synonymous with elegance. It is one of the indoor plants that need small light, although, with sufficient light, it is also capable of offering flowers throughout the year. It can be found not only in purple but also in blue, pink, red or multi-colored. It does not tolerate temperatures below 10º (the ideal is between 17 and 21º). They need moderate watering and excess moisture must be avoided at their roots.


Aspidistra is the great indoor plant for inexperienced hands because it grows in any corner where you place it and does not usually present common pest problems. In addition, it is ideal for areas with small light, such as hallways and corridors, because it is better not to be exposed to direct sun. For a more elegant effect, you can prune some leaves and brighten the plant.


A house without a poto is unthinkable because it is grateful, agile, and a survivor. Since its stems fall and creep, it works well in a hanging basket or high shelf so you can show off its waterfall effect. In addition, poto is also known for its quality to purify the air and is very long-lived.


Also known as ‘Palo del agua’, the Fragans dracena is characterized by the different shades of green of its leaves. For correct development it needs a temperature between 15 and 25º and natural light but not direct sun. It likes high humidity, so it is convenient to spray its leaves a couple of times a week or place a plate with pebbles and water underneath. It does not require too much watering, although the substrate must be kept somewhat damp – without it being soggy.


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