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small room that is spacious and airy. It seems like a dream, right? Actually, making the right decisions when planning, furnishing, and decorating will make it look bigger than it is. When choosing furniture, do it with your head: think about the space you have, measure well, and assess your needs. Do not obtain carried away by bargains or a whim without checking if that piece fits in your living room. It is the ‘A-Team’ of small classrooms. If you are looking to obtain the most out of space, this furniture will solve many of your problems.

They are top for small classrooms. They help maintain order and have storage without reloading the room, for example by placing baskets underneath. With a shelf of sufficient size, covering the wall from side to side, it will seem that the living room is much larger. And painted the same color as the walls, it will be even lighter.


5 Pieces of Furniture to Gain Space in the Living Room


It is usually a very wasted space in our houses. And we don’t use it much either. Put the piece of furniture low at the foot of the window and you will have created a very cozy corner with an extra space in which to store blankets, shoes, or bags.

The corner sofas are the top solution to enjoy the comfort and a large number of seats, also taking advantage of the space. It can function as a room divider and, if it is the same color as the wall, it will lose visual weight – essential in a small room. To make the set lighter, select a light coffee table and space will appear larger.


They are very decorative, but if they stand out for something, it is for their functionality. You can fit them together so they take up less space. And, when you need it, you can move them freely according to your needs.

Although they are auxiliary tables, it is important to highlight their presence with a centerpiece or a vase with dried flowers. You will obtain a room with style and a lot of versatility.

Whether we like it or not, television occupies a predominant place in the living room. To avoid that their presence is more striking than necessary, place a low cabinet. It does not need to be very striking and much less large, as it will eat up the space.


Painted the same tone as the wall or as a niche, as if standing out. Shelves will seem to blend discreetly and decoratively with the wall. Also, it is another way to dress the wall of the sofa.


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