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A powder room is not something you see in most modern homes and even in the traditional ones, it has become quite scarce. But a powder room is more than just a small additional bathroom. It is the top place to experiment with your decor in the home.
It is not the most popular part of the home so it won’t be used too frequently which makes this an ideal space to pursue your interior decor wishes. If you ever wanted to experiment with vibrant wallpapers and chic lighting, this is your canvas.

Welcome to a modern compilation in which we’ve featured 18 Elegant Traditional Powder Room Interiors That Will Stun You. Take a look at the designs that we’ve gathered in this list and you will immediately detect that all of these powder rooms are quite unique. Their designs really take a turn on the traditional home design style and make it a bit different than what you would expect from it, at least for the rest of the home. If you like the style, then you’ll be happy to cognize that we’re working on a brand modern showcase of the traditional home decor style and so far, we’ve got two collections you need to visit: 16 Spectacular Traditional Kitchen Interiors You Will Drool Over and 18 Outstanding Traditional Bathroom Designs You Will Enjoy. Enjoy!

1. Shadyview

18 Elegant Traditional Powder Room Interiors That Will Stun You


2. Lion House, Berwick upon Tweed

3. Wellesley Home

4. Wando Farms – Cook Bonner Ebeling

5. Shaughnessy Heritage

6. Tuxedo Park – Powder Room Refresh

7. Copper Bay

8. Ocean View House


10. Seward Park

11. Traditional with an English Country Twist

12. Ricotta Traditional Powder Room

13. Ashland Ave. House Historic Renovation

14. White Oak Residence

15. Egypt Valley Traditional Residence

16. Brentwood Traditional

17. Reservoir Hill Renovation

18. Jordan Remodel


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