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The Mediterranean porch is the great place to make the most out of a sunny day, regardless of the season. Even though the porch was originally intended to be a temporary living room during the hot periods of the summer days as air conditioning wasn’t really a thing in the homes back then, it is still a great option to have in your home. The porch will provide you with a lovely place to have a comfortable time outdoors. It’s not as outdoorsy as a garden and definitely not as enclosed as an actual living room.

Welcome to a modern collection of outdoor designs in which you are going to see 16 Outstanding Mediterranean Porch Designs Perfect For Every Occasion. Take a few moments to explore the designs that we’ve compiled in this list. You will find plenty of fresh ideas that could give you a hint about what you can achieve with the space that you have and the style of your home. Of course, that’s not enough so make sure you take a look at another one of our collections from this Mediterranean style showcase in which you’ll see 17 Inviting Mediterranean Entrance Designs That Will Steal Your Gaze. Enjoy!

1. Italian Style Villa

16 Outstanding Mediterranean Porch Designs Perfect For Every Occasion


2. Back Porch Grill

3. Waterfront Loggia – Palm Beach Estate

4. St Kitts Model

5. Luxurious Mediterranean Porch

6. Carlton Woods

7. Galleon

8. Calella de Palafrugell Can Sentís

9. Andratx

10. Woodlawn

11. Can Cunso


13. Mediterranean Porch

14. Villa Aeroclub

15. Spanish Revival

16. Villa Parco San Bartolo Pesaro


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