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The mid-century modern style is an impressive style for use in the interior or exterior of your modern home even though it dates back to the middle of the previous century, hence the name. But how do you incorporate a one or two car garage into such a clean, modern design? Is the garage going to be an eyesore in your modern home’s exterior design? Well, it doesn’t have to be. The mid-century modern garage blends in perfectly in the exterior designs and sometimes even gives a kind touch to it.

Welcome to a modern compilation of exterior designs in which you are going to see these 15 Impressive Mid-Century Modern Garage Designs For Your New Home. Check out the designs that we’ve compiled in this list and you will find plenty of inspirational ideas that will show you that the much-needed garage does not have to be an eyesore in the mid-century modern home exterior design. Enjoy!

1. Iroquois Avenue

2. Valentine Residence

3. Winding Way 3 Exteriors

4. The Greenhills House

5. Kate’s House

6. Bedford Drive

7. Robertson Pavilions

8. Mid-Century Modern Garage in a Fukuoka House

9. Parkview Residence

10. 60s’ look in Atlanta

11. Split Box Residence

12. Rockwood Remodel

13. Mid-Century Modern Remodel

14. Windermere Waterfront

15. 1966 Mid-Century Modern Ranch Makeover


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