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The Mediterranean that surrounds this bright living room with a terrace? Just fabulous! The presence of the sea is also appreciated in the interior in textiles, paintings, and decorative pieces.

A floor-to-ceiling and a wall-to-wall window open the living room to the terrace and the sea, which seems to enter the house. In it, nothing stops the passage of light, not even non-existent curtains, since the views and the clarity are the absolute protagonists of the space.


10 Spectacular Summer Rooms (Part II)


To give a feeling of summer, not everything has to be white. Look at the colors that prevail in this room and how they give it a current, light, and summery style.

In this room, with the sea as a witness, two styles that fall in love merge, the Mediterranean and the Nordic. The result, a room to enjoy the summer with the top of both styles.


The sofas, built-in and in continuity with those on the porch, have been completed with a couple of armchairs that close the large gathering. The cushions give the note of color.

The white of the whitewashed walls combined with the stone wall gives a fresh and contemporary style to this rustic living room that allows you to breathe the essence of the countryside without having to go outside.

This living room opens to the outside through large windows that not only give light but also invite you to enjoy its spectacular views. White and blue accents accentuate the feeling of freshness.

This room is a whole Terrero: during the summer it is cool with its clay floor and the white that is imposed in the decoration. During the coldest months of the year, just cover the floor with rugs and opt for cushions with warmer tones instead of green.

In this room, in which simplicity prevails, the arched window is the main protagonist. All attention is focused on her.

The evening light of summer is one of the most lovely. In this room, it sneaks in through the window and the mirror fulfills its function, multiplying it throughout the room.


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