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The decoration of the room is probably one of the most inspiring tasks that exist. Choose the style, materials, the color of furniture and textiles, and of course, those small decorative ornaments that will make the difference between a bland room and one that oozes personality. Isn’t it fascinating? But decorating with taste does not have to involve investing a lot of money, especially when it comes to decorations. This list includes pieces of all styles with a lot of charm.

With a mohair look and a caramel color with gray squares, this plaid couldn’t be more suitable to welcome fall and protect yourself from the seasonal cold. You can place it on the sofa, store it in style in a fiber basket, or hang it on a decorative rattan or bamboo ladder.


10 Ornaments For a Magazine Room Look


Made of textured ivory ceramic, this rustic, country-style cope with pitcher has all the ballots to transform into a dream vase for your freshly cut wildflowers. What freshness!

Following the wabi-sabi style, this white porcelain vase is ideal to show off a single elongated twig in any corner of your living room.


Do you concur with us that candles are the queens of living room decorations? Their simplicity, functionality, and beauty, together with their affordable price, make them a true must-have for deco details. Take advantage of the fall to obtain a pair of burgundy candles to accompany your centerpiece, and complete the look with some dried leaves.

Looking for a decoration for your coffee table or sideboard? This elegant glass and brass display box may be just the thing for you. You have a lot of options to use it: naked, with dry leaves inside, with a twisted garland of small lights … it will be super cozy!

Hand-braided with banana fibers, this pouf is extremely versatile: you can use it as a decorative object, as a seat, or as a side table by stacking several models.

Artificial plants and flowers are ideal for all those who do not have much time to be aware of their care. Do you see the eucalyptus branches with leaves that appear in the image? They are artificial. How difficult is it to believe? And it is that opting for artificial plants and flowers does not mean that you have to give up a realistic and quality design.


With a style between vintage and industrial, this decorative mirror with a brushed metal frame will complete the look of your living room, creating a modern atmosphere with a lot of personalities.

This cute and rounded stoneware vase in green has a dotted relief that gives it a brutal style. It is from the Nordic firm Bloomingville, and the diameter measures 14 cm. Are you doing well?

Do you have too many free spaces on the living room shelf? This rounded geometric figure made of gold metal will bring dynamism and balance to the furniture, in addition to generating an atmosphere of futuristic tints.


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