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10 Ideas to Dress Up Your Fall Home (Part II)


To complete the living room, as a shoe remover in a corner of the bedroom and even in your work area. A comfortable and stylish armchair is a great wildcard throughout the house. And upholstered in ‘gold velvet’ it will add a touch of shine.

Well of course! Do not forget about it because, even if you don’t go out much anymore, you will see it from your living room. The ideal is to dress it in the same colors that you use inside.

They are very simple to find and at the same time inexpensive accessories. And they are so warm that they are great for fall. Look for pieces of felt and decorate any corner of your house with them.

Plaid can be on your bed even in summer. But two? it’s too much. Instead, in autumn, you feel like it. The autumn colors that will be great: linen and greenish ocher. Light and warmth.

Wick-knit chenille blanket in a tone between ocher and greenish.

Here and there, in any corner, bet on decorating with details in tan, ocher, or orange tones. It won’t cost you a lot of money, and you’ll obtain small fall outfits that will splash your home with warm colors.

In autumn you want to warm the living room without going overboard … because in winter we will have time to be “excessively” warm. A subtle way to do this is to double- curtain your windows.

Made in a blend of velvet and linen, this curtain is ideal for creating a dramatic and dynamic drape.


An upholstered headboard not only dresses up the bedroom much more but also adds warmth. The combination of wood and linen is ideal for this. And in autumn, a piece that visually shelters is appreciated.

What we like in El Mueble is a tasty plaid for the sofa! This one from Zara Home, in cauldron color, is pleasant to the touch and to the eye. Ideal for the sofa or the foot of the bed.


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