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Cushions, armchairs, plaids, wallpapers, even appliques… There are decorative changes that we can easily make at home and that will give you as much warmth as we need with the commute of season. Here are up to 10 fall ideas and where to find them. The other 10 you will find in the Part II article that will soon follow!

It will be the star of the fall season. It is a trendy neutral with a character that accepts the company of any other color, so it makes it simple for you. Natural wood, white and black, they feel great. And the good news is that a sofa in gray is also … super timeless.

And in jewel and spice tones. Reddish, tan, ocher … They are very autumnal tones and this year they are especially worn. Changing the sofa cushions for others of these thick colors and textures will obtain your sofa dressed in autumn for very small money.


10 Ideas to Dress Up Your Fall Home (Part I)


We love plants. We have put them everywhere and they have become essential for the cool house. Mostreras, ferns, indoor trees … And in autumn? We want to continue to have a green … with touches of warm colors. How about a bouquet?

Fibers are magic. They may well convey summer to you as autumn. Their secret is in the warmth they give off. Beyond applying them in detail, if there is one piece that will give your spaces an autumn style, this is it: the lamp. So commute the screen. And see what effect.

Throughout the house, even at breakfast on Sunday mornings. A cup of tea on a rough wooden tray and a candle to accompany … More autumnal, impossible.


Long-haired fabrics are essential when the cold arrives. They can cover a chair, be used plaid, or decorate the sofa.


This bedroom is extra autumnal. It has it all: brown and wood colors that provide warmth, but also a detail that we love: a geometric rug in very autumn tones.

Warm for its touch and also for its color. Until now, you used to obtain on the sofa and everything bothered you, but with autumn comes the evenings on the couch in front of a movie and the need to feel something warmer. The plaids should not be missing for this.

The depth of the blue and the warmth of the golden glitter create a very warm and chic combination. Apply them in your living room: cushions, plaids, rugs, lamps … There are a thousand options to combine these two tones that create glamorous autumn.

So simple and so decorative. A leather rope can be used to tie your napkins and give them a delicate and precious autumn touch.


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