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Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a relaxing foam bath in one of these astonishing freestanding bathtubs? Oval, with legs, with a skirt or with afoot. We must admit – love them all!

They are also called stand-alone or island. They are those that are not embedded in any wall or corner. They stand out because they steal the limelight from any other element of the bathroom, becoming the visual middle.

A freestanding bathtub has the ability to turn a bathroom into a spa. They are elegant, sophisticated, and provide a point of distinction. Combining its modern lines with the warmth of wood on the ceiling, floor, and wall is a sure hit.

These types of bathtubs are also hallmarks in contemporary and more current bathrooms, in which a minimalist air with simple lines prevails. And the pebble floor works like a carpet, creating a bounded area.

The modern materials allow for warm, soft-touch finishes while you can experiment with modern and modern designs.

Typically in freestanding bathtubs, the faucet is high and floor. Then the style will be marked by that of the bathtub itself. More classic or clean lines? Chrome or black? Create a contrast between a more classic bathtub and a modern faucet, as in the image.

One of the drawbacks of freestanding bathtubs is that they have no space on which to rest personal hygiene products. Other solution? If it goes next to the wall, a work shelf is a great option to have everything at hand every time you relax in your super bathtub.


10 Freestanding Bathtubs for a Movie Bath (Part I)


To color your bathroom with a freestanding bathtub, select it with a skirt. In this case, a brownish-gray shows some moldings accentuating, even more, the country house aroma given off by this bucolic bathroom.

It is one of the most common locations for freestanding bathtubs. It offers the opportunity to enjoy a bath with views and under the warmth of the sun’s rays, but for more privacy, place a blind.

The predominantly classic bathroom style architecture of this bedroom contrasts with the more contemporary organic lines of the bathtub.

To avoid depriving yourself of the sun’s rays coming through the window, select some Venetian blinds: they allow you to regulate the light that comes in thanks to the twist of your slats.


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